Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A very merry Christmas!

So Christmas this year was by far the most amazing and unexpected one. The kids had a blast. We, my parents, and A's sister and husband spent the evening with us. The usual Christmas eve commenced. We had a nice lamb dinner, played a lot of Christmas music, talked, kids ran around all hyped up on sugar and festiveness. Evening wound down, managed to get the kids down, boys were over sugared and exhausted which left them irrational and ornery. M was her usual checklist self, running around tying up loose end. The stockings! Carrots for the reindeer! Cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace! Quick into bed, he is coming! She was easy.

I dragged A out of bed. He falls asleep while putting a child down. usually before his charge is a sleep. He groggily rose to meet my demand of constructing Santa's gifts. It is my "thing" that Santa's gifts have to be ready to go for instant play upon sight. Never wrapped, all pieces together, perfect instant gratification. Santa is magical. Why the hell would he give you a castle in a box in a thousand pieces? Ho Ho HA! Who can possible wait an hour while daddy tries to get it together while certain 3 year old is walking a way with screws and pieces trying to "help you" My mom and I ate candy and stuffed stockings, removing small toys from boxes for the same quirky reasons. Needless to say, we hit the sacks around 1:30 a.m.

Kids were sleepers due to the late night. All the adults were awake before the kids! We let them sleep in as long as we could, so we could just hang out and drink some much needed caffeine. Finally, M appeared around 8, quickly followed by K. I grabbed the camera and video, and we woke up poor little E. Who hasn't quite grasped Christmas. When we told him that Santa came, he looked confused. When we mentioned that there were gifts, something clicked.

They raced down stairs. We pathetically trailed behind looking through view finders, we ooh and ahhed at the right moments, directing them to their designated gift from Santa. M scored a wooden barn and some Breyer horses. K, a Skull fortress castle and some figures, and E a 3 tiered wooden parking garage with heli pad, 'Copter and a few cars too. Maybe it is there for the wooden hospital we did not purchase?

They were thrilled. Stockings were ceremoniously dumped and the sound of squeals and candy wrappers filled the air. Then it started hopping. M spied the tree. Eyes wide, PRESENTS!

Have you ever watched a dog agility contest on T.V? We seriously could have been the audio for one. Imagine loosing visual on animal planet during Purina agility extreme. That was us. E, E E here's yours! K, here K, it's right here. M other side, keep going, go on, go. Insert shredding paper and panting. Yelps of delight. E, E! Over here, c'mon, K, look, look it's yours! M, the green one, green, yes! That was us in a nut shell. So MUCH FUN!

Top toys for each. Quick run down- M- another webkin, littlest pet shop play thing, moon sand. K- Spiderman hand shooter thing. He was ECSTATIC., castle, E- Wooden forklift, razor scooter, Memote troll car ( figure it out, Moms).

Then, things go strange. For some reason, my Dad wanted to give us our gift upstairs over coffee. I figured it must be a good one. So we sit drink, and are presented with two boxes. Both A and I have our own to open. We open the first one, inside was a note, saying that this was a one time gift, we open that one, and the other it said that dad took a one lump retirement sum, OK, so at this point I say oh, maybe this year you gave us a XXXX dollars. We usually get a hundred. This brought about an interesting smirk. Then inside this box is a smaller box, no note. We open that, to finally find a folded check. OK, so now I have a feeling that something is different, cause I'm all clever like that. A and I coordinate our check unfolding procedure. We unfold it to open, pupils dilate, jaws drop, speech stutters. I manage a "No".

Not like a no I don't want it. But the unbelieved No. The I cannot, we cannot, because one is not comfortable accepting this from people who they knew, busted butt with manual labor their whole lives type of a what, NO!

But we did accept, and they were so happy to give this gift not only to us, but also to my Bro and his wife. Crazy good. Yes, good for us, the receivers. But my parents were so thrilled to do this. They worked hard all the time, to be able to do this for their kids. What a rush. I would like to do this for my own one day now. Just to see my kind of reaction on their faces. Truly priceless.

This ends my Christmas recollection of 2007, a pretty good year for us all.

P.S. I got my camera!

P.P.S- Edited from my original version because my Mom said to.


Dawn said...

So glad that everyone has such a wonderful holiday!!

MamaK said...

Aww, thanks Dawn! It was a very nice christmas. You are my first comment leaver! I wish I had a consolation prize for that! Stop by now and then!-K