Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Super stealthy.

So, while Christmas shopping this year. I gifted our family with an outdoor game camera. It wasn't meant to be a gift, really, just it was on sale the day after thanksgiving for cheaper than I have seen it before. Since I was racking up the plastic, I figured, whatever. It is this one to be exact:

Anyway, we can strap this baby on a tree and either, take still shots or video of whatever triggers the infa red beam. For us, this would most likely be a whitetail, but it can also be a fox, coyote, bobcat, fisher cat, or like my car. Well, see, we found deer tracks near the drive, so that's where I placed the camera. The kids and I checked on it two days later. The camera said it had captured 10 events ( pics). We brought the camera inside to hopefully see some deer, to only find my damn car going up and down the drive way.

Today, we are putting it deeper in the woods, where we found a deer trail. Hopefully, we will get some sort of wild creature on it. Notice the pictures of the Poop or scat as M and K the Jr. Naturalists refer to it as. There is also a hoof print, but squint when you look at it.

You know what is funny? On Christmas morning, M said, that we need to check our game camera to see if we caught Santa or reindeer images on it. Can't get by her, she is as clever as her Mom.

So in a few days, we will retrieve the camera. Hopefully, just maybe, I will have some kind of picture to share. Wish us luck!-K

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