Monday, December 24, 2007

So I had a blog once

long while back and people other than me, actually read it. Life with three little ones was busy and it fizzled away. I pretty much am 99% sure that tomorrow morning, I will be unwrapping a new camera! So my archaic one, that was such a PIA, will now become my kids. So, with my camera in tow, I will try to take pics as regularly as I used to and update this blog often.

Anyway, I'm K. I'm a Mom among other things, who is married to A, and we have 3 cool kids. M who is is 6 and a girl. Two boys, K who is 4, and E who is almost 3.

We just recently moved to a rural town. We live in the woods on 8 acres, with a few creeks ( with frogs!), lots of trees, some chickens, 3 dogs, some parrots and some G.pigs, a leopard gecko, fish, and a cat. In the spring we hope to get some more chickens, some bees and some nigerian dwarf goats. A hopes to build some raised beds and get his hands dirty with some fresh organic produce.

To make us sound more hick/hippyish, our kids are unhomeschoolers. Those of you familiar with homeschooling know just how many approaches you can take with that. We are all over the map with our style. Mostly child directed, with a few randomnly done cirriculums thrown in. I guess our term would be called " UnCharlottechildledwelleductedexperientalwaldorf experience" I don't really know, as it seems to change with the kids needs. Next year, it will have a whole new ring.

So anyway, I hope some people and family will drop by to see what we have been up to. We are not terribly exciting, not too boring either.

So then, have some happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Winter Solstice or what ever you are enjoying. Stop by now and then. -K

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