Monday, December 31, 2007


So what did I do on my new year's eve. Well, I dropped the kids off at my SIL's ( thank you!) and went and got the royal treatment at this posh coiffures. Yeah baby, this place is HOT. Say this in your best french accent, SUPER CUTS. Only the best for me, I don't do discount. Nope, when I want to get glam, I go all out.

Anyway, hair came out fine. I am all about a shaggy looking do right now. So super cuts can really pull that off mighty fine. This way when I leave the house all disheveled like, it is stylishly so. You know, like bed head. On PURPOSE. I make it work. Tssss.

So yep, after the trim, I wanted to go to the Y, to get on the elliptical and treadmill. But they closed at 3 and I got there at 2:59. So, whatever, people have plans. fine. I'll just go to Staples or something.

But right near the Staples there is a Home Goods. So maybe I will just pop in, for a sec. I doubt they have anything. You know just a walk through. By myself. Because I am missing three big reasons why I never just browse and mosey.

So, down this one isle where I thought I would find nothing of interest because it was where there were pots and pans, and I was not feeling one bit domestic. Maybe because I was sans kids. Off track, hang on, oh! I found a really cool rustic hollowed out root bowl. Bizarre and random sounding, but so cool. It was 30.oo dollars!

You know you have seen these in catalogs for oodles more. Yes you have. I got a deal. I know I did and one day I will find proof. So then I figured, I will check out the kid toy area because I kind of miss the little buggers. Since we are doing a little mummy thing in our Story Of the World history Cd's, I picked up a mummy mining kit for K. Luckily, there was one for quartz and minerals to go along with the whole archeology theme for M. K is convinced he will be an archaeologist since Otie the dog dug up a whole set of clothes in the back yard. No bones though. I was bummed. Back to the store now, Switch! I also found a sugar crystal kit that looks like fun. All the kits were under 9.00. Not to shabby.

We did the mining kits last night. They were hard, you really had to whack and dig in like cement. I had to bust out a screw driver to pound the hell out of them. There was plaster and sand flying everywhere. The kids loved it. Especially when we started finding stuff. They would dust off the little treasures poking out all gentle and serious like with delicate brushes. I was laughing because I was whacking it with a frigging screw driver!

Anyway, I tore up the credit card at Staples man. The kids needed better art stuff, so I sprang for the Prang. Now they can go Picasso. My bill was LARGE. I had to restock pencils, I bought a huge industrial sharpener, Whee. I bought a lot of wacky things. It was fun. Stocking up the school stuff. You know glue, scissors, stapler, a hand crank flashlight that really works well, an emergency cell phone battery booster. Still school stuff. What if something goes horribly wrong on a "field trip"? Those things happen to real people. But not to me, because now I am prepared. Yep at Staples, for SCHOOL.

So anyway, Look at my pretty new bowl!(don't mind the dust, treasure mining remember?) It's my very last score of 2007. Happy new year everybody!


christinemm said...

The bowl is fantastic. Those are usually SO expensive. I thought it was from a burl but what do I know?

Next time I'm near a Home Goods I am going in. I usually avoid that place due to my terrible shopping impulse control problem. LOL.

I like your writing style too, love the flow...

Welcome to blogging!

whimsigal said...

Wow, I'm just jealous that you got a haircut. Mine hasn't been cut since April of 2006. Hearing that you might think that my hair resembles Crystal Gayle's but no...of course not. It's just past my shoulders because I have the slowest growing hair on the planet AND my hair was REALLY short in April of 2006.

I am enjoying reading your blog!! Thanks for coming to visit mine!