Thursday, December 27, 2007

Meet the Bockers.

As in Bock,bawk,bockk bockkk Bock bock.! Ha ha! That was my clever title of the month. Maybe?

So really, these are just our starter chickens. There were three, but Nigel, our high prey drive Dobie, ate one. BAD NIGEL!

They came to us via a new neighbor who we met while trick or treating on Halloween eve. We started talking. He had chickens, his Bro raised chickens, I want chickens, see how that goes. Anyway, a few days later he shows up with these three little chickens. He wants to give them to me, I want them, good deal. BUT, I have no place to keep them. No worries! He has an old rabbit hutch that he will modify and they will be fine. OK! We have chickens.

About an hour later he comes back with this cute hutch that looks like a mini barn. He winterizes it and tells me what to do with them. If you want to learn how to raise chickens, you have to have chickens. Why it's Chicken Immersion!

All was going well. Until we looked out the window and saw Nigel running around with chicken feet sticking out of his skinny face. Not funny, stop laughing.

So we get that all worked out, rig the hutch a little better, smack Nigel in the butt, I think he got the point.

So now we are left with the rooster, who K has named picklepuss (?). The hen has no name really. They are doing well. The dogs have gotten used to them, although Nigel will bark in their face now and then. He did break a window doing that. Loser.

This particular breed of Chickens are called Nankin. They are like Bantams. They are mini chickens. They will only get to be about 28 oz. So think little eggs. Cute.

The hen has yet to lay an egg. The are still pullets ( young chickens). So hopefully eggs by spring.

I really want them for a biology project for the kids though.

In the spring, we will get a real coop and about 25 regular sized chickens for eggs, and eventually meat. Nothing like sourcing from your own backyard! I'll keep you posted.-K


Kathi Kane said...

Mama Kim

I love your chickens!! BAD BAD BAD, Nigel.oops:)!

I have a good friend who lives on my street who has four Bantom chickens. She reminds me of you SO much! She has two girls that are good friends with my monsters. They have a blast taking care of they chickens. When they go away on vacation we chicken sit and we get to keep the fresh eggs!!!!YUM:)She has learned it all as she has gone along. She gets on line and reads, her hubby made the coop. They modify as needed.

We miss you guys! I would have loved to see you at James' party! All hell broke loose here and we couldn't get out the door last minute, I was bummed.

My little C misses your M. She looked forward to seeing her that night:(

Hope you have a great Holiday. Good Farming and Luck with your wildlife sightings. Maybe we can get together soon.


pattie sandholm said...

ok, so where you said, "stop laughing...", i was totally laughing out loud! (good thing i was home where the only people to hear me were my husband and phoebe (who at 4 months thinks i'm pretty cool... i'll take advantage of that while i can...)

in any case, so glad you started up your blog again! i love reading about you and yours...

kathi - glad to see your comment as well - miss all you ct mamas!!!

Bright Eyes said...

I want chickens too, Kim!