Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chutney. And plugging for Sherri.

My friend Sherry Vinton of gifted us with the most Divine homemade, home canned curried apple indian chutney or the like. It is outstanding. She said it was good with cheddar cheese, served on a cracker. She was right, and I am hooked.

Now this little jar of chutney will not be enough! I need so much more. It is that good, people. She already has my interest piqued with this whole canning bit she has going on. But this is the last straw. I will be the canning fool next harvest season that she is. Maybe we will have a canning play date?

So anyway, I made the most delish sandwich for lunch today. It inspired me take pictures of my lunch, because I have new camera. It was a wrap so I actually had to roll it up before I ate it. So inconvenient, I mean who has time for that? We had a really great rib eye grilled on Christmas, so I used some of the left overs with cheddar cheese. Heated that up till it was gooey, and just went to town with the chutney. AHHmazing!

Oh, and that picture of the puffy thing, lemme 'splain. That's what happens when you stick the wrap in the toaster oven and walk away. It reminded me of that bread from the Indian restaurant. But it tasted nothing like that.

Look at this, does it not make you hunger? (not the puffy bread) I mean it's a picture and all, but doesn't it look great? It was. A big fat "Thanks, dude!" to you Sherri. I hope your Christmas was all that it was supposed to be and more.

Oh , and Sherri has a worthwhile newsletter you can subscribe to here:

and buy her book, it's great:

Have a nice day, try to find some chutney. Make a sandwich for lunch today, you know you want to.-K

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